Compliance: Graphic Content Alert

Are you using graphic recording to boost the impact of your Compliance training? Well maybe you should be!

Impact on Integrity has had the pleasure and privilege of working with Tom Russell‘s fabulous team at Inky Thinking in our Global Business Ethics Challenges (GBEC) in Paris, Madrid and London. The graphic from GBEC-London is shown above.

It is fascinating to watch the creation of these graphics in real time during the sessions. GBEC participants are keen to see how these evolve right in front of them. The unveil at the end includes a summary of “what’s on the wall” and of the main learning points of the session. Afterwards, this provides a great takeaway for everyone involved and gives a far more attractive and accessible reference point than the written word. Warning: you may never want to see minutes of meetings ever again!

In case you’re wondering, here’s the Star Wars trailer which inspired the above theme…the sky’s the limit when it comes to creativity on Compliance training!

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